Injection-Locked Amplifiers (ILA)

New! Sr/Yb clock systems: 1W at 461nm, 400mW @ 399nm

MOGLabs has developed new technology for stable injection locking of Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diodes. Injection locking has traditionally been plagued by extreme sensitivity to environmental drift: very small changes in temperature, alignment, or current can cause the slave diode to drift out of lock. We have developed an auto-tracking system that continually monitors the laser and makes tiny adjustments to the slave diode current to maintain lock.

Combined with our stable seed lasers, the ILA delivers over 1W@461nm for Sr cooling and 400mW@399nm for Yb. These systems provide a compact and low-cost alternative to expensive SHG systems, with beam quality superior to that of TA systems.

We have demonstrated injection-locked systems at

  • 370nm/100mW (Yb+)
  • 399nm/400mW (Yb)
  • 461nm/1000mW (Sr)
  • 496nm/200mW (Ba+)
  • 509nm/300mW (Cs Rydberg)
  • 689nm/100mW (Sr MOT)
  • 698nm/100mW (Sr clock)

The versatile platform offers many configurations; please contact MOGLabs for further information on this new cost-effective alternative.